+ Is the price per image or per product?
- The price is per image, per order. So if you have 2 products that both need a front, a side and a back; that would be 6 images for that order.​​​​​​​

+ How can I try you free?
- Contact us and let us know you would like a free sample. We will shoot your product and send you a low-res watermarked photo free of charge.

+ How do you determine pricing?
- Our simple pricing is determined on only a few factors.
- Number of images
- Ugrades that you select
- Any custom quote you request

+ My products require assembly. Do you charge for that?
- We allow for minor assembly and cleaning. If your product(s) require extensive assembly or major cleaning, we bill at $50/hr in 15 min. increments.

+ Do I have to submit an order online?
- No. You can call or email us and discuss your special order.

+ How do I pay?
-We accept all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay and PayPal via our secure payment gateway service provider Authorize.Net.

+ When do I pay?
- We ask for a 50% payment before the project starts. You pay the remainder only after you approve your photos.

+ Who owns the rights to my images?
- You do. Our usage policy is unlimited for you to use for whatever you wish. Our only requirement is that you can not resell the image(s) to any third party without our written permission. Usage rights are granted when final payment is made.

+ What is your privacy policy?
- Simple. We do not share or sell your information to anyone. We value you as a client and respect your privacy. 
Additionally if you have a product that is confidential we are happy to sign an NDA as we have done for several clients.
For our full privacy policy please visit  Privacy Policy 
For our Terms of Service please visit Terms of Service

+ Can you shoot products over 3 feet?
- Yes! We can shoot virually anything. Contact us for a custom quote on your special project.

+ What are my background options?
- The most common is a natural drop shadow. We also offer a slight reflection under your product at no extra charge.

+ How will you position my products?
- We use our expertise to light and position your products to maximize sales on Amazon. We encourage you to send in examples of what you are looking for if your product requires special attention.

+ What size are my images?
- We output and optimize your images at 2000x2000px.

+ What is professional standard retouching?
- We include up to 10 minutes of retouching as part of our workflow. This includes removing any minor imperfections in your product. If your product requires major retouching due to sample issues or being a prototype, we will contact you for an upgrade approval.

+ What format will my images be in?
- Your images will be delivered in high quality industry standard sRGB jpgs. We can also provide any additional file format you require. (.png, .psd, .tif, .gif)

+ How do I preview my images?
- You will be sent a link to view or download your low-res sample files for approval.

+ Are my images saved on your server?
- Yes. As a convenience to you, your final files will be available for download on our server for up to 1 year after completion.

+ Can you burn a disc of my images?
- No. We only offer direct download to your computer. It's faster, more economical and environmentally friendly.

+ How long does it take?
You will typically receive your images in 5 business days. After you contact us you recieve a timeline along with your quote. 

3 days- add $20. 
Overnight- add $100.

+ Where do I ship my products?
176 W. Logan
Noblesville, IN 46060

+ Can I ship my products to you without an order form?
- No. Please contact us before shipping your products.

+ Do you ship my products back to me when you're done?
- Yes. The return shipping cost will be included on your invoice and we ship your products back upon payment. Otherwise we can donate your products to charity or discard them if you'd like.
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